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Checkbook Ease Freeware

CHECKBOOK EASE Freeware Checkbook/Budget, one beautiful window with 20 color backgrounds
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29 December 2006

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Checkbook Ease Freeware will transform your home and small business accounts into the best managed budgets ever.
This free software has so many great features that make it easy to grasp and utilize. It allows you to balance your checkbooks, print your account statements and search for transaction histories. The interface has 20 different color backgrounds with matching calendar and calculators. View the household budget and check your checkbook balance at the same time to make adjustments to household expenses. Edit or add transactions when balancing your checkbook. Compare your planned budget with your real budget and make corrections to your expenditure in future. Limit your view to the current month, date or year and reduce the number of transactions displayed. .
Create a budget, carry your unspent money to the next budget period and save more.

Publisher's description

Checkbook Ease Freeware is a free checking account and household budget program. All functions are performed from a single beautiful window which includes 20, user selected, color backgrounds with matching calculator and calendar. The single window viewing the checkbook register and family budget while entering transactions. The budget is based on the envelope system, money not spent is carried over to the next month thus allowing for leveling of expenses over the year. Budget window displays the monthly budget and remaining balances. Only one-click is needed to change the monthly budget or transfer money to the budget balances. When assigning a budget category to a transaction the budget window is automatically shown with the category monthly amount and remaining balance highlighted. Features include: automatic check numbering, new transaction creation by modifying an existing transaction user defined payee lists. CheckbookEase helps insure that the transaction registry is accurate. When balancing a monthly bank statement the entered bank starting balance is verified and alerts the user. If different, user can automatically enter a correction transaction. Using the same single window, the user can balance the checkbook, print budget information and transactions. On screen Help is accessed by help buttons which can be hidden, when visible they are conveniently located for easy access. The list of transactions viewed in the transaction registry can be shortened to the current month or year to minimize scrolling. Checkbook Ease has a powerful search feature: recall prior bank statements, sum charges for a budget category over any time period and search for transactions by type, payee or memo. Includes a separate set of sample accounts and a sample budget that can be accessed anytime, a user manual and instructional videos viewed on-line at
Checkbook Ease Freeware
Checkbook Ease Freeware
Version 1.0
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I love the program and have used it for more than 50 transactions and it worked. I decided to buy the full program for $8.95.
Albina Samara
I was happily using this little program (which I do quite like for its simplicity)when, all of a sudden, it says the trial version is limited to 50 transactions! Nowhere does it mention this until you get to 50! I am very displeased.
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